Passing Grades Q School

By Jeff Ritter, Nike Golf Camps

What Would Tiger Do?

Passing PGA Tour Q School starts well in advance of the competition. When counseling my players, I encourage them to ask: What would Tiger Do? This means building your perfect training day to get you to the top of the mountain. Early a.m. workouts, proper meal plans, game planning for each specific course, fine tuning routines, Driving accuracy and short game magic. Ask how good you really want to be, then based on time, build your own “perfect training day.”
Play Aggressive

Q School is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like a major championship, you have to play solid every day. Any big mistakes and you will likely have to wait until next year for another shot. One of my players headed to stage two of Q School has adopted the game plan of making “aggressive swings” at “conservative targets.” This keeps his ball out of trouble and the pedal to the metal. In each round there will be a number of holes that this strategy also allows him to attack the flag which is where he will make his best run at eagles and birdies.
Work Your Strut

If you want to play in the big show, then you have to believe that you “deserve” to be there. If you have put in the work on your game, then embrace that deservedness by shifting your attitude from “hoping” to “knowing.” This means acting as if you are already there. Stand tall, with your chest out and start walking like a champion. Just a little shift in attitude and body language can go a long way!

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