President of Golf Instruction

Charlie King is running for President of Golf Instruction

What Is This About?

I know there’s no such thing as a President of Golf Instruction (I’m not that delusional… yet).  I’m using this “Presidential Campaign” to get my message out about

A better way to learn golf!

…how golf should be taught and learned as a skill, a motor skill.

I have identified 9 Standards that you should look for in a golf instructor. Standards that til now haven’t been adhered to. (If there was a President of Golf Instruction, he or she has not done a very good job!)  It’s time to rethink things. The methods and policies of the  “current administration” have not been helpful to golfers.

Golf instruction has been confusing and frustrating  — do you agree??!!

Common practice (traditional methods) actually PREVENT many of you from reaching your golfing potential! Many in the “current administration” are what I call Old Rules instructors who focus on a model or a method to try to improve your swing or who use oversimplified tips and gimmicks.

Introducing my party…The New Rules party – one that focuses on Essential Skills™ to make your swing more effective.  The critical 9 Standards are shared in a book you can download RIGHT NOW FOR FREE, called “The New Rules of Reaching Your Golf Potential”.  Just Sign Up (left side of screen) and receive the “New Rules” e-book and “The Clinic” video.  The Clinic is my full swing clinic that has helped golfers for years. I’ve always known that if I could get golfers to watch this, it would change their game for the better – forever!  Signing up with your email address makes you a “New Rules” supporter, and if you like what you see and read, I’m humbly asking you to promise me that you will join the movement and tell all your friends that are golfers!

The New Rules party has a “platform” based on the 9 Standards I’ve mentioned. Sure, my campaign is kinda silly… a spoof, but I use it to highlight the problems in golf instruction and how difficult the old ways make it for golfers to get better.  This is a fun way to draw attention to the shortcomings of golf instruction and to

finally have you and other golfers reach your full golf potential!

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