Push Drill for Better Putting

I like to use the “PUSH DRILL” for my students who are “Decelerators”-ones who have trouble accelerating the putter-trust me that is MOST of you!

To Start put 3 balls down no more than one foot from the hole (the length of your shoe) and with NO BACKSTROKE-push the ball in the hole, keeping the wrists firm with the forearms locked.



After you have made 3 in a row, move back 6 inches and do the same.
Keep doing this until you are about 5 or 6 feet and then go back a foot after you make 3 balls in a row-you cant move back unless you make all 3.

When using the PUSH Drill, step back and make sure your putter is lined correctly from time to time.


Throughout my competitive career and now working with top amateurs and professionals, I have noticed a few things that most great putters do.

Probably the main goal in putting is to make sure you accelerate smoothly through the ball with a square putter blade.

Listed below are a few of the basic fundamentals in putting and we hope these tips are helpful to you (tips are for right-handers-lefties turn left and right around):

1) Putter blade square to the target (on a straight putt-middle of the cup). The ball will roll better if the blade is square at address and impact.
2) Good posture-tilt over ball from the waist so arms hang freely. The weight should be slightly on left side at address and feet slightly open.
3) Most of the great putters have their eyes over the ball or slightly behind the ball-over an extension of the target line.
4) Keep your right elbow very close to your right side. I cannot think of one great putter I have seen that did not have their right elbow very close to close to their right side.
5) Hands should be even with the ball to slightly ahead at address. Position the ball off the inside of the left heel to an inch or two to the right of the inside the left heel. Stance shoulder width or slightly less.
6) The backstroke should be compact and the wrists firm with the forearms locked (producing a pendulum action) through the stroke. Accelerate the putter smoothly thru the ball down the target line.
7) If I see one COMMON MISTAKE in putting, the putter goes back too far and then has to decelerate into the ball-to hit it the correct distance.
8) Keep your eyes focused on the back of the ball at impact and after impact on the blade of grass underneath the dimple you were focused on. Count to two before your eyes look up to see the result.
9)Listen for the ball to go into the hole- especially on putts 8 feet and under.


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