Put Your Wedges to Work!

Isn’t it funny how you can go to the driving range and find the same people grinding away at their full-swings?  They think that by spending hours a day practicing their driver they are going to play better golf.  If their swing looks like Tiger’s, certainly they should be able to shoot similar scores!  Yet, ask them what they shot that day and they will reluctantly tell you, “95,” or “106,” or “122!”

While it is good to practice your full-swing, ask any professional on the PGA or LPGA Tours and they will tell you that they spend more time practicing their short games than full-swings.  Why?  Because, they understand that the ability to shoot low scores comes from inside 100 yards.  Being able to get up and down to save par is critical to any golfer’s game, especially those who do not hit many greens in regulation.

So, how do you properly work on your short game?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Review your fundamentals – spend 15 minutes each session checking your grip, alignment, posture, and ball position.
  2. Emphasize more weight on your left side during your setup and throughout the entire swing (right side for left-handed players) – this encourages crisp contact, hitting the ball first, then turf.
  3. Complete your finish and hold your pose – whether hitting full wedges or shorter pitch shots, your body should always face where you want the ball to land and remain in balance until the ball hits the green.
  4. Make your practice sessions count – challenge yourself when you are practicing by adding some pressure to each area of your short game.  For example, how many putts can you make in a row inside 5 feet?  Or how many times can you get up and down from inside 50 yards?
  5. Practice these tips each time you work on your short game and you will start to see your scores drastically improve!  Don’t be surprised to find that your full-swing has also improved.

If you need help with your short game, come visit The Island Golf School.  Our schools are located in Hilton Head Island, Charleston, and Daufuskie Island, SC.  We offer Private Instruction, Full-Day, and Multi-Day Golf Schools to help you improve your golf game.  Let our experienced team of instructors work with you to develop the short game you need to shoot lower scores.

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