Putting Requires Good Tempo and a Lot of Feel

Putting is all about feel after you have learned the elusive mechanics.  Here are a few of the fundamentals.   I have written this for right handed golfers so left handed golfers please reverse.

1. There should be no movement in the body from the waist down.  The arms and club work like a pendulum with only the arms and shoulders moving.
2.Your head should remain still and down until after hitting the ball.  Try counting to three before lifting the head and see how difficult it is not to look up and peek.  The smallest movement of the head before you are done putting may cause the body to move forward.
3.The distance of the back swing should never be longer than the follow-through as this may cause deceleration in the hitting area.   On the short putts it is even more important to follow the ball to the hole with the putter.
4. The palm of your right hand should face the line of the putt, and the right arm should extend out on that line.  The left elbow stays flexed so as not to restrict movement and allowing the left wrist to stay firm.  Do not let the left wrist flip.

Staffordputting back-swing (2) Staffordputting follow-through (2)

5. Alignment is so important in putting.  Once you have decided on the path or line the ball will follow depending on the break, if any, your body and feet should always be to the left of that line and the putter on the line.  As shown in the picture below the putter face is a little left of the hole to accommodate for a slight break.  The ball should be positioned left center of your stance.  Too far back tends to make one push the ball to the right and too far forward tends to the pull the ball left.

Staffordputting alignment (2) Staffordputting ball position (2)_1


6. If there is a lot of break picking a spot between you and the hole is also useful.  Hit the ball to that spot and try and feel the distance.  If you were to toss a ball with your hand, how hard would you toss it?  Same thing with your putter you need to feel the distance.

Practice, practice and then practice some more.  You must have a good tempo and a feel for distance.  Before playing any new course you should always go to their putting green to find out the speed of the greens.  All golf courses putting greens vary and why waste the first few putts out of lack of knowledge.  In terms of scoring putting is the most important part of the game.



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