Putting With Your Eyes

by Jason Suedhof, IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy

Do you know which eye is your dominant eye?

FaldoDomEye1 Try this:  Form your two hands into a circle with your palms away from you.  Hold the circle with your arms extended in front of your face, and choose a fixed object, 20 to 30 feet away, to view through your circle.
FaldoDomEye2 Now, close one eye at a time. The eye which still sees the fixed object in the circle is your dominant eye.

Now you know your dominant eye.  This is how you use it to your advantage on the greens.

Be sure to set your shoulders perpendicular to your intended line.  All too often, we find ourselves slouched and out of alignment while reading the green.  It is very important that we use our eye dominance to our advantage. FaldoDomEye3
Keeping a fair distance behind your ball or mark, favor the side of your eye dominance.  I am right eye dominant; therefore my right eye favors my intended line. FaldoDomEye4

Most amateur golfers do not realize the importance of surveying the green.  They have no idea that the way they are reading the green can be a false perception, due to the alignment of their body in relation to the intended line while they are surveying.

Our brains work through senses.  Vision is channeled through our senses, giving our brain signals.  If we can set our bodies up better to improve signals, we will ultimately make more putts.




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