Quit Playing in the Sand!

By Jerramy Hainline, Hilton Golf Academy

Sometimes, the beach is NOT the place to be, and nothing can ruin a good round of golf like a deep sand bunker that takes 3 tries to get out of!  Next time you are strolling around your golf course and you find yourself buried in one of the many sand bunkers, try these 4 easy steps to get yourself out:

1) Position the ball off your front foot
2) Make sure you have neutral weight – 50% on each foot
3) Take a big swing and hit the sand behind the ball
4) Turn through.

Don’t worry about all the complicated tips that include opening your stance, opening your face, leaning back, swinging across your body, etc.  My guess is that if you are reading this, you probably just want to begin by “getting out”!  I promise you all, if you follow the steps above and especially focus on turning through the shot, you’ll be amazed at how the ball magically lifts itself out of trouble!


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