Release The Club Like the Pros

by Rob Harrell, National Golf Schools.

Most amateur players have a common swing fault called “coming over the top”. The move from the top of the backswing is a start of the downswing with the shoulders instead of the arms sending the path of the swing to go from outside to inside and left of the intended target line.

This common swing flaw causes the player to hold the clubface open to prevent the ball from going straight left, thus creating a wicked slice and never releasing the club. This lack of release with the hands causes a serious power shortage because of its glancing blow to the ball. The “release” in the swing is what squares the club face and turns the power back on.

Here is a good drill to learn what it feels like to release the club like the pro’s.

Slide your hands up the grip so that your little finger and your ring finger on your left hand are off the grip. This will greatly reduce your ability to hold on to the club. Now, with loose grip pressure, take 5 or 6 full swings at about 75% this will give you the release I’m talking about and feeling you should have on all your full swings. Now go back to your normal grip and let your hands release in the same manner as the drill. Remember to keep your grip pressure light. Somewhere between 3 & 5 on a scale from 1 – 10. Too Tight of a grip is a killer to being able to release your hands correctly. This new releasing of the hands will result in more of a solid feel at impact, straighter ball flight and the thing all golfers are looking for more distance.



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