Right Foot Back

Right Foot Back Drill

by Jerry Couzynse, VP Golf, Saddlebrook Resort;

The most exciting club to hit has to be the “Big Stick”, or more commonly named the driver. Of course the most common result with most high handicappers is a big slice!

To help with the slice the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy Professionals

recommend working on the “Foot Back drill”. This drill will help promote an inside path

(delivery of club head) which will result in a straighter ball flight. Below are the instructions to

perform the drill for a right-handed golfer:

1. In the address position right foot and right hip back

2. Takeaway straight back, right arm and club shaft parallel to target line, toe of club up

3. Club is delivered on a slight inside path to the ball. Club is released, right arm parallel to target line, toe is up.


If you have any questions concerning the drill our Academy Professionals will be happy to assist you. Please call or email with you questions.  Jerry Couzynse, VP Golf.  Phone 800-729-8383 ext. 4602, email jcouzynse@saddlebrookresort.com

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