The Right Side of the Tee

By: Ryan Carfara, The Island Golf School

One of the most important aspects of proper course management can be from where you tee up your ball.  When you first stand on the tee, look over the hole and decide where the most trouble is.  This is the side of the tee box from where you will want to hit.  This allows you to aim away from the trouble, giving you a larger target area.  Once you decide what type of shot you would like to hit – high fade, low draw, etc.  – you must take the time to visualize that shot.

Before every shot, the best players in the world see the shot they want to hit in their mind.  Essentially they are painting a picture of how the ball will travel in the air and then land in the fairway or on the green.  This helps synchronize the body and mind to work towards the same goal.

A great way to develop this habit is to make it a part of your pre-shot routine.  Every time you stand behind the golf ball, look out to the skyline – or you can close your eyes if you like – and visualize the path of the golf ball.

Once you have reviewed these variables, commit to the shot and swing away!  With an improved sense of course management, you should find your ball in the fairway more often and start shooting lower scores.


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