Saddlebrook Resort and KJ Choi Foundation Partnership

Saddlebrook Golf Academy

Saddlebrook Resort and KJ Choi Foundation Partnership

On December 29, 2011, Saddlebrook Resort and the K.J. Choi Foundation signed an agreement whereby Saddlebrook will host junior golfers from Korea at the newly expanded 20-acre Saddlebrook Golf Training Facility and play on the resort’s two Arnold Palmer signature championship golf courses. Junior golfers will reside at the resort for six weeks during December and January, others may visit periodically, and some students may join the Saddlebrook Preparatory School.

K.J. Choi, who visited Saddlebrook two times in December to train and play, signed the agreement with Tom Dempsey, Chairman and CEO of Saddlebrook Resort (photo attached and/or available). K.J. brought several juniors from his Foundation with him to Saddlebrook to coach and experience the great training facility and golf courses.

The resort is home to Saddlebrook Golf Academy, featuring BannLynch coaching, led by Steve Bann and Dale Lynch, regarded as the number one golf coaches in the world. Steve Bann has coached K.J. Choi since 2006, and he currently coaches K.J. on the PGA TOUR.

Steve Bann and Dale Lynch originated a singular approach to training: it is “holistic” by integrating technical, mental, physical, and strategic factors; and it is “Olympic-style” with its focus on building champions.

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