The Secret to Great Putting

by Julie Cole, Director of Instruction, Dana Rader Golf School

There are so many elements to great putting: visual skills, green reading, pace, the list can go on. However, one of the greatest mechanical “secrets” is in the relationship between the right arm and the putter shaft. For the putter to swing on the correct plane the right arm must be lined up directly in line with the back of the putter shaft and grip. To check your alignment, try this simple test.

Place a golf ball or tee between your putter grip and your right forearm. This might take a little manipulation the first few times.  If your right arm is aligned correctly behind the shaft, the ball or tee will be perfectly in line with the grip and you can hold it there while you stroke some putts.

To better understand these concepts imagine this:  if you want to swing the putter directly toward the target (like throwing a ball underhand) your right arm would have to be in line with the shaft as you swing through. If your right arm came “over-the-top” you would not be able to swing the putter to the target but left of the target.

Stroke some putts maintaining the relationship between the right forearm and shaft and you will experience straighter putts and better distance control.

Julie Cole is the Director of Instruction for Dana Rader Golf Schools. Julie has been recognized by the LPGA as a Top 50 Instructor, and Golf for Women’s Top 50 Teachers list.

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