Stay Physically and Mentally Fit for Golf

With the cold winter months ahead it is necessary as a golfer to stay in shape.  Many people have the premonition that golf does not require a physically fit body which is not true.  The better shape your body is in, the better your golf game.  This can be done through a regiment of exercise which should consist of muscle toning and stretching.  Free weights can be used for strengthening the triceps, biceps, back, legs and rotator cups. Exercise books for golf and on-line information is readily available.  We all have areas of our bodies that need special attention and you should select the most appropriate exercises for your best results.  Stretching is easy and very important as your flexibility is a big asset in the rotation of the body during the golf swing.  Yoga, Thai-Chi and Palates are often practiced for not only flexibility, but for better balance, mental focus and standing strength.  When the weather permits, take two irons or a weighted club and go outside and make some golf swings.  This will help keep those golf muscles stretched.

If possible, join a gym especially if they have classes that will push you to work your hardest.  Pick the times and classes that work into your schedule and then make it a routine.  It should be a part of your permanent schedule.  Since I have started working with free weights I have added 15 yards to my drives and about 8 yards to my irons.  I hope for this to increase considerably by the end of the winter.  In addition to improving your golf game you will also improve your circulation, burn calories, lower your cholesterol, and shape your body and feel mentally fit.  Since I am not selling a product I can only tell you that this is one of the best routines I have put into my already hectic schedule and my energy level has definitely increased.
A Note to Men:  Many men are already muscle bound and the focus for those that fit into this category should be on stretching for flexibility.
A Note to Women:  Many women think that weights are just for men and the truth is women lose muscle mass very easily in the aging process.  As women, we need to focus on some weight training to keep our muscles toned.


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