How to stop 3 putting

The only thing that can really ruin a good day on the golf course is having a lot of 3-putts!  To hit a few good shots to a green and then finish it off with 3 putts, is painful to say the least.  The reason people 3 putt a lot is because they have difficulty with the distances, not necessarily the aim.  Our whole lives we are trained to practice direction in everything that we do.  Take for instance tossing a ball to a friend; if someone tries to toss a ball to you it’s always in your general direction, isn’t it?  Sometimes it may land at your feet, or they might chuck it over your head, but I have never seen somebody throw it behind themselves, or 20 feet left of you.

The reason: we can all aim when we throw, kick, or even putt a ball, we just can’t get the distance down.  So, here’s how you practice the distance:  PUTT TO THE FRINGE OF THE GREEN.  The fringe is the edge of the green where the grass starts to get taller.  Start out at about 3-4 feet and putt a few balls to the edge.  Don’t worry about WHERE on the fringe you putt it, just try to get the distance down but putting to that defining line where the grass changes height.  If you can’t get out on the golf course, you can do this inside by putting to a wall in your home or office.  The goal is to put to a long line (like a wall) not a specific point (like a hole).  This way, you will focus more on the DISTANCE, not the AIM!  Give it a try and watch your three putts vanish into Arizona air!

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