Take advantage of today’s golf club technology


A couple of years ago, I was playing on the Legends Tour (LPGA senior tour) in a team event.  I was not striking the ball great, but my partner and I were holding our own with some good putting.

I hit a very nice 25 degree hybrid into our last par 3 of the day.  It was a nice high, soft shot that finished about 10 feet from the hole on the top tier of a challenging two tiered green.  My partner said “Nice shot.  You hit those hybrids closer than your short irons today.”

When I thought about that comment later, I realized that I had hit several nice shots with those clubs (I carry a 21 degree and a 25 degree.)  I also realized that it wasn’t just on that day. That was the last tournament that my 4 iron got in the bag.  As a matter of fact, my 5 iron stays home more often than not now too!  For some reason, I had been reluctant to make that change.  I guess the old dog, new trick thought process was clouding my thinking.

Make sure you are not making the same mistake I was.  Assess your set make up.  Maybe you could benefit by eliminating an iron or two and adding a hybrid or two?  Do you hit fairway woods better than your irons?  If so, maybe you could use more lofted fairway woods and fewer irons in the bag.  Does your driver have the right loft and shaft to get you maximum distance?  There are a lot more driver choices out there for ladies these days.

Take advantage of new technology that can make the game easier and more enjoyable for you.


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