The Golf Home Fitness Gym

Bob Forman
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
MS, Exercise Physiology

The days of the big, bulky, one-muscle-group-per-exercise machine are in the rear view mirror.  Functional training is the way to go, especially for golf, as multiple benefits can be achieved with each exercise.  Although there are indeed some benefits of joining and attending a health fitness center (camaraderie, fitness professionals to assist you, etc.), the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to pay and trek to a local fitness center in order to better your game.

A functional home gym is easy to set-up, doesn’t require much space, and is very affordable.  A corner of the basement or garage, a bedroom vacated by a collegiate child, or even the living room or den is a suitable location.  The equipment needed is lightweight, portable, and inexpensive.  Minimally, for about $300 you can outfit your home golf fitness gym with the items needed for a productive workout routine.  It can go higher if you add some other advanced items, but still within reach of many budgets.

The beauty of having your own home golf fitness gym is that it’s right there whenever you need it.  There are no crowds to deal with, no waiting for equipment, no competition, no embarrassment, it’s not someone else’s sweat, and you can put on whatever channel or song you want to watch or listen to.  And the gas money you’ll save will practically pay for the set-up costs.  What could be better?!

To start, many golfers will only need a 6’ x 2’ exercise mat ($50 – all dollar amounts are approximate US dollars) as stretching and range of motion exercises are often times their initial priorities.  A golf fitness assessment with a certified Golf Fitness Instructor (GFI) is instrumental in determining your starting point and how the customized exercise program should progress based on your individual needs.

When ready for inclusion of golf-specific strength and balance exercises, additional equipment will be required.  Recommended in this package should be:

  • exercise tubing ($10/each – medium and heavy tensions to start)
  • an appropriate sized stability ball ($30 – select ball size where you can sit on the ball with knees bent at a 90 degree angle and thighs parallel to the floor) and hand pump to blow up the stability ball ($10)
  • a 36” ½ round foam roll ($12) and full round foam roll ($16)
  • a pair of disc pillows ($20 each)
  • a 6-yard box of Thera-Band ($17 – heavy to special heavy to start, consult your GFI)
  • some individual dumbbell pairs or dumbbell sets (anywhere from $1.25/lb. to $1.50/lb. – consult with your GFI).

For more advanced exercises, a BOSU Balance Trainer ($160) can be added, along with a Freestyle Step ($120), and a flat or adjustable bench ($179/$479).
GolFITHomeGymMedBallAs conditioning levels improve and you move into the power/speed phase of your golf fitness program, you’ll want to include medicine balls that bounce ($40 to $50, depending on weight – consult with your GFI) and a rebounder if a brick wall is not available ($400).  This phase, as it improves the recruitment of the type II, fast-twitch muscle fibers, is crucial for further enhancing clubhead speed and distance down the fairway.

Advancing your game to the next level means fine-tuning the mechanism that’s swinging the golf club. . . that’s you, the golfer.  Identifying and correcting the anatomical deficiencies that are holding you back from swinging an efficient golf club and playing your best golf is highly achievable and very affordable.  It just requires a little work and know-how.

Your rewards will be a more efficient golf swing, better ball contact, increased distance, improved playing performance, enhanced playing satisfaction, and less injury.  Not bad for a spoke on the player development wheel that’s only been around for a relatively short period of time.

Home golf gyms are becoming more and more popular as golfers are becoming cognizant of the many benefits golf fitness programs can have on their game and health.  The realization that it doesn’t take a whole lot of money and space has also been a boom to their growth.  So what are you waiting for?  Six months from now, you’ll be glad you got started today!

I recommend Perform Better for quality golf fitness equipment.  You can find the items mentioned at  HYPERLINK or contact Meghan Taylor at 1-800-715-3576 for special pricing. . . mention GolFIT Carolina.

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