The Grip is the Foundation

The grip is the most important part of the golf swing and the most neglected.   With a good grip the club face will be in the correct position at the top of the backswing and in the correct position at impact allowing the arms and hands to crossover.  If you have a bad grip you then have to make accommodations in your swing to adjust for this flaw making it more difficult to execute the swing.  With a good grip your game will continue to improve with practice.

There are three grips used:  The full finger grip, the overlap and the interlock.  The only thing that changes in the three grips is the position of the pinky finger and not the position of the hands which remain the same in all the grips.  It does not matter which grip is used as long as the hands are correct.

The club is to be held as soft as possible.  When teaching I often refer to it as holding a wounded bird.  The reasons for the tacky grips are that you don’t have to hold the club tightly and if the grips are not tacky and have some shine, get new grips.  I should be able to pull the club from your hands with little to no effort.

StaffordColin Grip 1
The club should be placed across the bottom of your fingers.
 When you close your fingers and thumb of the left hand (lefties please
reverse) the line formed between the bottom of your index finger and
thumb is pointing at your nose or right eye.  The thumb should be on
top of the shaft or slightly to the right.
StaffordColin Grip 1
StaffordColin Grip 3  Upon closing of the right hand, the thumb of your left hand fits in the
palm of your right hand.  Most people with bad right hand grips put the
club in the palm of the hand instead of the fingers which will restrict
the hands from rotating properly in the hitting area.
The most common of the three grips is the overlap.  The pinky rests
between the index and middle finger of your left hand. No matter which
of the three you use make sure the position of your hands stays the
StaffordColin Grip 4


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