Time for a Lesson

It is surprising how many people come to me over the course of a year and say, “you know pro, I’ve never had a lesson”.  Most of them are very good golfers who have sent years diagnosing themselves and hitting ball after ball to make things work.  However, what’s most interesting is that after their lesson they always respond: “Man, I wish I would have come to you 30 years ago”.

You see, most people know themselves better than anyone could ever know them.  Unfortunately, golf is a bit different.  You see, in golf you could feel great and play poorly.  Or on the other hand, you could feel terrible about your swing and have the round of your life.  It just doesn’t make sense sometimes.  So, what can you do about it?
Well, the best advice is to seek the advice of a golf professional.  Don’t ask your buddy who you have played with for years, he has enough work for himself with his own swing probably.  One time a student said to me, “My friend says that I should always cock my wrists on the way down as I fire through the ball with my hips”.  My initial response is; “Wow, not sure how you do that”.  My second response and the one I always give is actually a question: “What does your friend do for a living?”  The response is usually something like: “Oh he’s a world renowned doctor”.  I usually say; “Fantastic, because this year my mechanic is going to do my taxes!”
Do you get the point?  A doctor will fix your broken arm, a mechanic will fix your broken car, an accountant will fix your broken finances, but only a golf professional will fix your broken swing.  If you are struggling, it just so happens that there is a place where you can go and learn how to start playing the “Golf of Your Dreams”!  The place…The Hilton Golf Academy (and we take HHonors points too!)

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