Turn the Belt Buckle Back and to the target

By Paul Purtzer, Purtzer Golf Academy

As I mentioned in our last tip, when I got nervous or tense, I would tend to let my arms start the club back too quickly and not finish my backswing. Usually I would not get my lower body started first to start the forward swing.

Purtzer-buckle-backswingOne of my keys to get back all the way would be for me to make sure I got my left shoulder behind the ball and then turn thru the shot and finish with my belt buckle to the target.

One of the keys for my brother Tom Purtzer, PGA Tour and Champions Tour winner, would be to turn his belt buckle to the right on his backswing and then turn his belt buckle to the target to finish his forward swing.


Purtzer-buckle-contactThese two keys-one for Tom and one for me-would slow us down and enabled us to keep our hands and arms connected to the rest of our body. It is very easy to let your hands and arms swing the club back too quickly. These keys would help us improve our rhythm and timing and allow us to become consistent ant to hit very good shots under pressure.

Practice these tips on the practice tee next time you are hitting balls. Practice in the back yard at night or before you go to work. It will make a difference if you practice them over a period of time-not just one time or a few times!

Purtzer-buckle-followthrougHave your professional help you with this.

As always, we hope these tips will help you enjoy this great game even more.

Champions practice with purpose and patience!

When PGA Tour Players and top amateurs make swing changes, it can take
days, weeks and sometimes even months for the changes to take hold and become comfortable and repeatable. When I played the best golf of my life (shooting many rounds in the low to mid-60’s), I got great advice from my instructors and worked many hours on the fundamentals of the game. The persistence and patience paid off!

Many golfers never reach their potential because they are looking for INSTANT IMPROVEMENT in their golf games.

Unfortunately, MOST of the time this is not realistic!

There is no substitute for sound fundamentals, especially in conjunction with desire, hard work, patience, persistence and finally seeing your self being successful at the game. I hope this Purtzer Golf Academy tip will help you play some great golf in the near future.

Hit them long and straight!
Thought for the DAY!!

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.”
John Maxwell, World renowned Author and Speaker


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