Turn Your Shoulders for Maximum Power

Most of my playing career I have thought about getting my left shoulder under the chin and behind the ball and then turning and stretching my right shoulder past impact into a “trophy finish” to maximize my power and distance-especially with my Driver and full swings.
Another good way to do this is by turning your right shoulder back on the backswing. Try this next time you are on the practice tee. Make some practice swings and try turning your right shoulder directly behind your head at the top of the backswing. When I do this, it is easier to get coiled behind the ball and it is easier to complete my backswing-it feels longer.

When you turn the right shoulder back, check to make sure the left shoulder is past the ball(or to the right of the ball). If the left shoulder does not get back “behind the ball”, then you may not be shifting your weight to the back leg at the top and will not have the power coming back to the ball.

Once I am at the top of my backswing, I want to start my forward swing by gradually starting down and increasing the speed thru impact and into my finish. I want to feel like the club is moving the fastest at impact and beyond.


As you can see Don Powers, PGA in the Sure Swing Golf Machine, it gets you in the proper position at the top, at impact and at the finish of the swing.
Don Powers, PGA in Sure Swing Golf Machine

Get in front of a mirror, your patio window or take some video (preferably with your PGA Professional) to check your positions during your swing. Practice diligently, give your swing changes some time, and be patient!
As always, we hope this tip helps you enjoy this great game and that 2010 is your best year ever on the links. See a Purtzer Golf Academy highly-skilled PGA professional to make sure you are working on the right things to get your game to the next level.
Paul Purtzer, PGA
Don Powers, PGA
(NOTE Our tips are addressed to right-handed players so lefties please adjust the information accordingly.)

The Sure Swing Golf Machine was introduced at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida in late January 2010. The Machine received international media attention and was named One of the Best Products at the PGA Show this year-see how it can help your swing.
You can “feel” in this great machine the proper takeaway, extension in your backswing-your the weight in the correct position at the top and retaining the angle on the forward swing. You can feel the club coming from the inside-not possible to come over the top and it takes you to a trophy finish.

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