Two types of pitching

By Bill Madonna, Bill Madonna Golf Academy

Two factors largely determine your club selection and the degree of swing you need to use: the distance from the green and the terrain. Approach conditions call for two types of shots, a low running shot or a high lofting shot.

Practice the low running shot and the high lofting shot at graduated distances from the green. Try different clubs. Vary the length of the swing, noting the relationship between the amount of swing and the distance the ball travels.

The following characteristics typify the low running shots:

  • Grip down on the club
  • Posture is lowered with hips and knees flexed
  • Stance is narrow and open
  • 60% of the weight on the target foot
  • Hands, arms and wrists form a triangle with the hands ahead of the ball
  • Lower body stable

The high lofting shot has greater wrist involvement. Keep this fact in mind as you swing: your hands should always precede the clubhead into and through the impact area. You can choose whether you want to make this happen or let it happen.

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