Using Video Analysis

Using Video Analysis To Improve Your Golf Swing

It seems that wherever a Golfer goes, he/she hears about using the latest video technology to improve their golf swing.  And every year this swing analysis software is getting more and more advanced.  Yet, there should be certain questions that Golfers should be asking about when deciding on video analysis for their golf swing.

Golf Made Simple, Inc. has conducted research on how Golfers have fared using this technology.  How much should Golfers expect to improve when you get your golf swing compared to a PGA Tour Players golf swing?  You may find these results fascinating – you may find them surprising – regardless, we believe you’ll find the results of our study to be very helpful.

Many Golfers believe that getting their swing videotaped is a rite of passage – that getting your swing video analyzed is like a baptism or bar mitzvah for Golfers .

Think of it this way – Instead of wanting to hit your Driver like Tiger Woods, you desperately wanted to be able to dunk a basketball. So you signed up for the Michael Jordan School of Dunk, to learn how to slam dunk a basketball through the hoop like the greatest of all time.

So you’re off to go to The School of Dunk to learn. They start off by watching you dribble the basketball, do a few lay-ups to the basket and then test your jumping skills. Next, they video you trying to dunk a basketball through a hoop 10 feet from the ground; – just like a Golfer getting a video of themselves trying to hit their Driver 300 yards. And on your first attempt, you’re not able to dunk the ball, though you do catch the bottom of the net.

Now you begin the comparison – So they split the television screen with one side having a picture of you and the other side being a picture of Michael Jordan. They then start running the tape and we see some
major differences – as you’re stepping towards the basket, the strides of your steps are 4 feet apart; while Jordan’s are 7 feet apart. As you jump to the basket, you jump from 3 feet away; while Jordan takes off from 12 feet away. You then get into the mechanics of the dunk.

Should you use video analysis to improve your golf swing?  If you want to base your decision on the results of other Golfers that have tried video – then download and read this Free 8 Page Report.

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