Where is Your Weight?


PGA, Champions, and LPGA Tour Players are in good position in their backswings to hit the ball farther and straighter.

When you go to a Tour event you will see the players on the practice tee taking practice swings trying to get themselves in better position.

A few years ago Golf Digest did an article on my brother, Tom Purtzer  on where your weight should be when you swing the club. (Tom Purtzer was voted the Best Swing on the PGA Tour in the 90’s by his fellow PGA Tour players)

2009-Paul-Purtzer-address-f It showed how Tom’s weight is on the balls of his feet at address, when he reaches the top of his backswing it is on the inside to the middle of his right heel. Then at impact the club should be coming back to the ball slightly from inside the target line, the hips should be 30-45 degrees open while the shoulders are only a few degrees open.
2009-Paul-Purtzer-at-the-to Wind your body from the top down with the upper body turning and stretching back while resisting your lower body by putting pressure against your right foot and knee. At the completion of your backswing, your shoulders should be turned approximately 90 degrees and hips turned 45 degrees.
In contrast to a great swing like Tom’s, many of our students have their shoulders more open than their hips at impact-this produces an outside-to-inside club path and inconsistent, less than powerful shots.
2009-Paul-Purtzer-at-finish At the finish of the swing, you want to be fully turned thru the shot with your weight on the outside of your left foot and heel. Your hips and right thigh should be facing the target when you finish the swing.

Get in front of a mirror, your patio window or take some video (preferably with your PGA Professional) to see where your positions are during your swing. Practice diligently, give your swing changes some time, and be patient!

As always I hope this tip helps you enjoy this great game and that 2010 is your best year ever on the links. Keep it in the short grass! See a Purtzer Golf Academy highly-skilled professional to make sure you are working on the right things to get your game to the next level.

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